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Check out the work of a Man by the name of @AaronCohen777 catch the show Slave Hunter: Freeing Victims Of Human Trafficking on @MSNBC check your local tv schedules if not only you may want to become aware of what trafficking is if you are new to it’s inhumane practices or if you would like to become more aware if you already are familiar with it in order to gauge if you would like to become more hands on involved in the anti trafficking movement beyond giving donations to anti trafficking organizations or spreading awareness if that is what you’ve have had in mind. It’s especially recommended for those that would like to become involved in the anti sexual exploitation & sex trafficking movement in my personal opinion.

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A 16-year-old girl in India who was raped twice died Tuesday night. She was first assaulted on October 26 and then again the next day by a group of more than six men near her family’s home in Madhyagram, India. The second rape occurred when she was returning home after reporting the first attack at a police station. On December 23, she was set on fire and died in a hospital on New Year’s Eve.

Activists gathered in Kolkata and New Delhi to protest the brutality committed. "We strongly believe that if your government had acted against the criminals … the subsequent horrific events would have been prevented and the young woman’s life could have been saved," said the All India Democratic Women’s Association.

Read more at Al Jazeera.


One year ago, 23-year-old Joldeen Mirembe didn’t know how to design a website or build an app. Today, thanks to GirlGeekKampala, an organization founded by a trio of women frustrated by the structural and cultural barriers holding women in Uganda back form careers in STEM, Joldeen can build websites and eagerly attends classes held on weekends. 

“The fact that you keep having girls that push you to believe that this is possible—and we have other mentors and supporters that want to see this be very successful—I think that makes it an amazing experience,” says Joldeen. 

Read more via The Daily Beast.

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